Hope for Families Radio Show

Hope for Families Radio Show was on air for over 2 years. Listen to previous discussions about issues relevant to your life below.

Life Stories

  • Gord Brown – Gord shares his personal experiences of living with Tourette Syndrome. Listen to hear Gord’s honest look at the benefits and challenges of having TS. Listen Now
  • Deb Deforest – Tune in to hear Deb share her incredible story of recovery from mental illness. Listen Now
  • Deb Deforest (Continued). Listen Now
  • Allan Strong – Listen to Allan share aspects of his personal journey through mental health struggles and the road to recovery. Listen Now
  • Holly Mathers – Hope for Families’ host Holly will be sharing her story of growing up as a sibling of a sister with a severe chronic illness. Listen to find out the personal experiences that motivated her to create Hope for Families Counselling Centre. Listen Now
  • Chai Chiem – Chai shares his life experiences which include coming to Canada as a refugee at the age of 9 and losing his sight when he was 16 years old. Chai is now a massage therapist at Target Therapeutics in Kitchener. Listen Now
  • Nadine Vertes – Listen to Hope for Families’ co-host Nadine talk about her experiences growing up as a blind person in a visual world. Find out more about the challenges she has faced and the perspective she has about her life. Listen Now
  • Ben Revoy – Ben shares his challenges and experiences of dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Listen Now
  • Syd “The Jewel” Vanderpool – Syd Vanderpool is a Boxing Champion and Elite Trainer who shares his unique experiences and faith journey. Listen Now



Dealing with Illness

  • The Sibling Show – April 10th is National Siblings Day – Tune in to this show about siblings who have a brother or sister with an illness or special need. Listen Now
  • Stress & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Amy Mathers, Hope for Families’ Resource Coordinator, will be discussing the effects of stress and trauma on people dealing with illness. Listen Now
  • Embracing Your Phoenix – Amy Mathers, Hope for Families’ Resource Coordinator, will be sharing some of her insights into the challenges people dealing with illness face in disclosing their illness to others. Click to read more on Amy’s blog The Phoenix ZineListen Now
  • Seeking Support – Join us as we talk about seeking support. We will explore the kinds of support we all need, the barriers to asking for and receiving support, as well as the unique situations involved when dealing with a disability or chronic illness that requires support. Listen Now
  • Resources about Illness – Resource Co-ordinator, Amy Mathers, shares 5 helpful books for individuals and families dealing with illness:
    • Easy for You to Say by Miriam Kaufman
    • Chronic Illness and the Family by Dr. Linda Welsh
    • Young People and Chronic Illness by Kelly Huegel
    • Meant to Be by Melody Carlson
    • Life Disrupted by Laurie Edwards Listen Now
  • Removing the Stigma about Chronic Illness – Resource Coordinator, Amy Mathers, joins us again to talk about new shirts available for people dealing with illness. These shirts are designed to provide a humourous way to connect about illness issues. Visit the Hope forFamilies CafePress.ca store to see the shirts. Listen Now
  • Bibliotherapy – Amy Mathers, Hope for Families’ Resource Coordinator,will be on the show talking about the value and use of books in therapy, as well as Hope for Families’ developing resources. Listen Now

Dealing with Mental Illness

  • Media Portrayals of Mental Illness – Returning guest Allan Strong from the Self-Help Alliance will be discussing the messages given by the media about mental illness. Listen Now
  • Faith Communities’ Responses to Mental Illness – Allan Strong from the Self Help Alliance joins us again to discuss the church’s varying reactions to members with mental illness. Listen Now
  • Depression – Deb Deforest from the Self-Help Alliance will be back on the show to talk about depression from both personal and professional perspectives. Listen Now
  • Tourette Syndrome – Special guest Gord Brown will be explaining Tourette Syndrome as well as his involvement with the Tourette Syndrome Foundation. Tune in to get the real information about TS. For additional information visit www.tourette.ca or call 519-576-7957 to find out about the Wellington-Waterloo Region of the Tourette Syndrome Foundation. Listen Now


Counselling Topics

  • Premarital Counselling – Learn more about the Prepare/Enrich Couple Inventory used with couples for premarital counselling or marriage enrichment at Hope for Families Counselling Centre. Listen Now
  • Divorce Support – Diane & Greg Palfrey will be joining us to share about the Divorce Support & Recovery Group they facilitate in Cambridge on behalf of Calvary Assembly Church. The group is for people going through separation/divorce.  This show is from 2009 but the group still runs on a regular basis. Call 519-621-6310 or email divorcesupport@calvarycambridge.com to register. Listen Now
  • Forgiveness – We will explore the assumptions we have about forgiveness and how they impact our lives. Listen Now
  • Crunch Time – Listen to get ideas to help you deal with ‘crunch times’ when they arise in your life. Listen Now
  • How does your faith help during difficult times? – We talk about many life issues on Hope for Families and we are asking our listeners this important question to find out how you face the hard times in your life. Listen Now
  • Internet Overload? – Call in to join the discussion about the pros and cons of our increased use of technology and its effect on our lives and well being. Listen Now
  • Mindful Living – How do you notice and appreciate moments in your life? Listen for ideas about paying attention to your life as it is happening. Listen Now
  • Spiritual Life – How do you nurture your spiritual life? Tune in to hear others share about what enriches their spirituality and call in to contribute your opinions. Listen Now
  • Secrets – What secrets do people keep and what impact do secrets have on our lives? Frank Warren’s community art project Post Secret gives us a glimpse of other people’s secrets which may not be all that different from our own. Listen Now
  • Fitness & Well being – Syd Vanderpool, Boxing Champion and Elite Trainer, & Rob Cowie, Specialist in Sports Conditioning, will be joining us to discuss fitness and the important role it plays in our lives and overall well being. Listen Now
  • Identifying Your Support Needs – We all need support in many different areas of our lives. Tune in to identify your needs for support and find out how to take steps to seek out that support. Listen Now